Reusable Heat Pack
Reusable Heat Pack

Toasterz Heat Packs

Reusable Heat Pack

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Stop throwing away those single use packs handwarmers!

Certified pthalate free and non toxic, Toasterz are reusable hundreds of times and simply reset by boiling in water to recharge in minutes! Snapping Toasterz patented stainless steel clip produces instant warmth – up to 54º C (130º F) for up to two hours. After it cools, simply drop the pack in boiling water for a few minutes and it’s ready to be used again.Toasterz non-toxic active solution can be recharged almost indefinitely. And it’s so safe, it will leave only a bad taste in the mouths of any kids (or kitties) who manage to break its ultrasonically sealed pthalate free vinyl package.

*Never use Toasterz directly against skin to avoid heat burns, a light towel or cloth is all you need and you conserve heat so Toasterz last longer too!