Kids Silicone Toothbrush

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Kids Silicone Toothbrush

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Soft Silicone Bristles, gentle on tiny teeth and sensitive gums100%.

Medical/Food Grade SiliconeBPA and PVC Free safety shield included. Ideal for babies/children before side/rear teeth have come through.

Jack N’ Jill Silicone Toothbrush products are unique because they are one solid piece of medical grade silicone–right down to the bristles. The brush is designed to be used as a ‘toothbrush’ not a ‘teether’ and chewing should be avoided. However, if the Silicone Toothbrush is chewed and bristles come off.

Don't worry - Jack N’ Jill Silicone Toothbrushes are made of inert medical grade silicone which is non-toxic, and if swallowed, can pass through the digestive system without any problems.