Personal Hygiene

Stinkbug organic deodorants made with care in Oregon.Stinkbug Aluminum-free, organic deodorants,  are extremely effective at fighting odor and are sensitive skin approved! Each deodorant is handcrafted and made with all-natural ingredients in addition to using the highest quality organic essential oils and NO chemicals!

Jack N Jill Kids Bath Time come in 3 aromas, Simplicity, Serenity, and Sweetness. With bodywash, shampoo, moisturizer and bubble baths, your kids(and you!) will love getting clean naturally!

Healing Tree makes an amazing charcoal soap that lathers great, lasts long and has fabulous antimicrobial properties. Use it with their 100% Konjac plat fiber exfoliating sponge to help clean off make up better and deter acne.