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  • Toasterz Reusable Hand Warmers
    Toasterz reusable hand warmers 2 pack. This Toasterz heat pack item contains 2 x 10cm heatpacks with hundreds of reuses. Simply drop into boiling water after the warmers has hardened after cooling. Once it becomes a liquid again, usually about 15 minuyes boiling in a pot of water. Simply resnap the disc inside whenever you want warmth, the reaction starts the same after each
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The Toasterz heatpack has been a Canadian warming staple for 15 years in Canada. Available at best outdoor shops and pharmacies, these are a reusable alternative to other handwarmers, those pesky throw in the garbage single use ones! Snap the disc inside for heat to start. Once cooled, boil in water for 15 minutes to reset for future hand and body warmer  needs. Reusable hundreds of times and pthalate free for safety!

Great for Reynauds, arthritis, sore muscles and even a before bed warmer!(how about in your sleeping bag?)